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Active Devices Inc.

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Ultra-high vacuum (UHV) Chambers

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Ultra-high vacuum (UHV) Chambers

We have expertise in providing solutions in Ultra-high vacuum (UHV) Chambers . We have third Party Partners who have rich experience in UHV chamber and UHV component fabrication.

Ultra-high vacuum (UHV) chambers & Associated UHV Components are applicable for many kinds of Industrial applications & scientific research

Some of the Vacuum Components we provide are

  • Vacuum Valves: Gate Valves,Angle Valve, BAKEABLE ALL-METAL Valve
  • Vacuum Flange: KF-Flange, CF-Flange, ISO-Flange
  • Vacuum Fitting: Metal Bellows, Vacuum adaptor, Flange Clamp, Flange fitting
  • UHV Feedthroughs
  • UHV Breaks till 100KV